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33 east

33 east

We found ourselves challenged again to rebirth a former auto dealership in downtown Greensburg that had been most recently used as a combination of peculiar office use and storage. Our client sought us out based on other similar work and commissioned us to develop a bold concept that would attract tenants to a place with its own identity.

Confused with how to approach such a project, we were inspired by the mask of the Phantom of the Opera that was there to hide a scar without completely concealing the original identity. Throughout our usual iterative process, we developed a list of goals that needed to be met to allow us a measurable design solution. The owner set out three targets: awnings over the windows to shield the tenant’s storefront, include a canopy over the entrance that will protect those who enter while giving identity to the entrance, and develop a method to integrate the customary tenant signage into the architectural response.

Our singular gesture addresses these three goals into an integrated design that masks the irreparable elements of the façade while giving a bright, bold identity to the façade. Everyone will know this address.

Custom Metal Fabricator: Technique AP
Masonry Restoration Contractor: Raimondo Masonry Restoration
General Canopy Construction and Interior demo: Dennis Zipnock Construction

Façade Completed fall 2019