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For more information about the architectural process, please click on one of the links below:

residential design services
this is a brief overview of our design process in a PDF brochure.
– where do we start?
– how does this work?
– what should I expect?
we answer your questions

design consultations – commercial and residential
not sure where to start? is your project feasible?
our brochure outlines our consultation services worth considering before committing to full design services

six services architects provide on a residential project
this article lists six distinct and valuable services your architect will typically provide.

frequently asked questions about working with an architect
if you haven’t worked with an architect before, these answers from AIA National should help with your most pressing questions.

contract administration – is it a deal breaker?
why are contract administration services (to some construction observation) so important for us to take on a commission?

10 tips to build affordable
tips for affordable residential construction from our blog

before you buy that building…
critical things to consider before you purchase commercial real estate

more than one way to get there
working through the code for an existing building

on adding on…
six things to consider before you add to your house

to build or not to build…
ten questions to answer before deciding on building new

zoning vs. building code :: what is the difference?
what you have always wondered about but were afraid to ask

working with an architect
inspirational video sharing what architects (really) do

how much does it cost to work with an architect
learn what architects do and how they charge for their work (from Houzz)

average cost to hire an architect
the article starts to get at the wide range of potential architect fees (from Forbes Home)