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During the middle of the 20th century, suburban shopping centers leaked into traditional urban centers. Greensburg is no exception. Our client bought this property with the attached parking garage and within a few years commissioned us to give the property an overdue facelift and address several maintenance issues.

This challenged us with several questions. How do we address a suburban building type on a street with a series of early 20th century traditional structures as well as other urban elements included in the local fabric? After we prepared a few early ideas, the client quickly identified a few criteria that we could use to measure our proposal – scale, integration, visibility. One must be able to ‘see’ the solution from the scale of the narrow street. We feel some of the best views are from a pedestrian position on the sidewalk looking up at the canopy.

Each element is part of an overall composition contributing to creating a rhythm and scale to the available elements – canopy, signage, and storefront. Next, the signage is integrated into the design, yet affords each shop owner equal visibility. We created placeholders for signage by others that are part of the overall expression. Lastly, the building needs and deserves bold elements at each corner to give it presence and identity that allows one to easily see and recognize it. As people describe where to find one of the stores within the center, the new image and name allow one to quickly give direction.

General Contractor: Vince Building Company
Storefront Installer: Fox Glass (Connellsville)
Masonry Repair: A. Raimondo Masonry Restoration
Signage: Blue Sky Sign Company

Completed fall 2019