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Lakewood Road Residence Addition

Lakewood Road Residence Addition


This contemporary home for a couple has all of the amenities one could want except for an adequate kitchen and garage. Both of these existing spaces are proportionally too small against the remainder of the house and simply inadequate for most houses.

The existing house has a succinct contemporary visual language making it difficult to find a meaningful way to expand. Adding more of the same was not the right solution. So other cues were taken from on site observations to search for additional meaning. Therefore, the site dictated how the addition would attach onto the existing house.

An existing eating area with its large windows is a common area where the owners daily spend time looking outside. From there one can see a special landscaped area where the owners often sit outside underneath the large mature trees. The new rotated geometry grew out of making visual connections and subtle references to these two spaces. The new kitchen and eating area are rotated (with reference to the existing house) to view this landscaped area while the new garage becomes the needed buffer from the neighbors. A space results between which becomes the most exciting feature where an outdoor courtyard with a covered roof trellis mediates between indoor and outdoor space. It also connects the garage to the existing house both literally and visually.