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Hodge Road Residence Addition

Hodge Road Residence Addition

A house originally built for a single person became too small when over the years one man became one family, a family of three. A one-bedroom house with a loft serves this family, but their desire is to radically expand it with new bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, a laundry room, and a garage. This house will more than double in size as the rustic home is multiplied with an addition and renovation to reinterpret the original log home language.

The existing bedroom is given up to permit a new entry and vestibule on the front of the existing house, a much-needed addition. A large gabled structure completes most of the newly added space. The laundry room and garage are included in the one-story portion that visually balances the composition.

Corner windows allow for expansive views of their ten-acre property and surrounding farmland while challenging the traditional language of the original house. A stone base anchors the house to the ground while the upper floors duplicate the existing log siding. New outdoor patios are covered with exposed timber-framed roofs that celebrate the structural language of the heavy use of wood.








Contractor: Graft Carpentry
Structural Engineering Consultant: Morris Knowles and Associates
Photographer: Skysight Photography
Custom Interior Railings: Eureka Ironworks
Project Featured in ProBuilder Magazine: “Tall Walls Transform Rustic Cabin

“The perfect vision to expand our dream log home was accomplished through our architect, Lee Calisti. Lee is a professional and a perfectionist who develops a caring relationship with his clients. My husband and I spent many hours meeting and communicating with this architect in an effort to redefine our lifestyle with the planning of the design and throughout the construction phase.

Today we take pride in our completed log/stone expansion. It’s a well-designed respite. Lee Calisti helped form our ideas into our dream retreat. Without the genius of this architect, our dreams would not have come true.”