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community foundation of westmoreland county

community foundation of westmoreland county

The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County (CFWC), an affiliate of The Pittsburgh Foundation, “encourages local residents to become philanthropists, provides grants that support a wide variety of charitable organizations, and serves as a community leader.” Knowing the importance of designing their new office spaces made this a formidable challenge for us commissioned in 2019 to be their architect. Pair that with an oddly shaped interior on the uppermost floor of an early 20th-century building coupled with uneven floor and quirks to overcome dared us to balance professional appearance, rich materials, bold colors with efficient workflow, layers of privacy, and views of the City of Greensburg.

We were able to unfold the space into a channel of increasing privacy. Most guests coming to meet in the donor’s conference room are shielded from the private offices found deeper into the space. However, a brief journey to the training center provides a prospect of interesting architecture layered over the views of the City from the fifth floor of the notable Stark Building owned by the venerable Westmoreland Cultural Trust.

Although there are bold colors and rich materials that one quickly sees upon entering, the use of materials was distributed frugally to balance costs with purpose. What is left is a 21st-century professional office space whose interiors are designed by the architect to serve the CFWC for decades to come.

Tenant/Client: The Pittsburgh Foundation
Project Size: 2,370 square foot interiors (Tenant Improvement)
Completed: 09/2020
Landlord: The Westmoreland Cultural Trust
MEP Engineering Consultant: AJC Professional Services
Contractor: Bruce Construction
Photographer: Skysight Photography
Signage: Blue Sky Sign Company