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Arlington Avenue Redevelopment

Arlington Avenue Redevelopment

This housing development is the first phase of a larger strategy designed to address pockets of distressed housing, provide quality neighborhood housing to underserved markets, and influence the redevelopment of the Arlington Heights site. The program is to create 6 new similar units that are sensitive to the original context yet boast of amenities to attract families and young professionals. One primary need for this development was to provide new housing with off-street parking. With such narrow streets, which do not allow for on-street parking, most of the units have integral garages accessed directly from the street. Another key amenity on some units is the First Floor balconies, which permit the homeowners to enjoy the beautiful expansive view of the City of Pittsburgh beyond. Each unit has an open plan First Floor with a Living, Dining, and Kitchen. The Second Floor contains three bedrooms with a shared bath. Elements of the interior are intended to be painted bold colors to give a focus to the basic interior and define the sub-spaces within the open plan. The exterior is a mix of traditional forms with a modern fenestration to blend with the neighborhood but set a direction for future development.

Client Neighborhood Development Ventures (SSLDC)

dengler street elevations (2 units)


arlington avenue units (4 units)


study model

first floor unit plan


second floor unit plan


proposed first floor living area perspective

proposed first floor kitchen area