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2soNs acres mOdern fArmHouse

2soNs acres mOdern fArmHouse


This new residence, aptly named by the owners, is located on top of a hill on 10 acres of a densely wooded private neighborhood. Through a lengthy process, the design focus of this 4,300 square foot home was to provide a modern house that captured the spirit of a traditional farmhouse. The representation of the elements is intentionally ambiguous so that one could read it as being either or neither of those concepts. A new or fresh look at why farmhouses capture our nostalgic memories, without recreating something from the past, was married with the spirit of modernism where the extraneous is removed and represented with clean lines and lack of ornament.

The carefully selected location of the house on the site lends the most privacy while giving impressive views from the house. There is an exciting approach from the road up to the house.

The program includes three bedrooms on the upper floor with an open modern combination of living, dining, and kitchen on the first floor. The front of the house is shielded with the entry foyer, a guest bedroom, stairs and circulation with the living area overlooking the back.

Project Type: New Single Family Residence
Project Size: 4,300 square feet (heated space)
Contractor: Shula General Contracting Inc.
Digital Renderings – Exteriors: Caty Kozar Blake
Photographer: Skysight Photography

ATAS Project of the Year 2012 :: Residential Roofs 2nd Place

Design Bureau Magazine July 2013
Metal Roofing: The Idea Book Nine 2013 (back cover ATAS ad)
AIA CRAN Chronicle May 2013

“Mr. Calisti has proven himself to be a focused and creative professional dedicated to guiding my family through the entire building process. He was instrumental in helping our family achieve our goals – a house for our lifetime and the next. My wife and I only recommend Lee Calisti to those seeking an architect.”